Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wills Kits

Alcovia has made me return to Wills Kits and look at them again in a new light within an Alcovian setting. I'm not going to list all the potential that's available but there is plenty if you look with at them with an Alcovian squint. What I also like about Wills Kits, is that with the exception of the 'Craftsman' range, they generally come in around a fiver and are easy to put togther.

I guess a natural start would be the SS30 Barn. It's fairly reminiscent of some of the rustic barns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - paint that roof red, or save the roof and replace it with pantiles and hey presto! Don't get all excited about the clobber in the photo - you just get the barn NOT the accessories.

Next up, SS31 Village Forge. Fill that open gap with barn doors and you have an instant barn/bothy. Change the front/rear walls for rendered - add a couple of windows and normal doors and you have a rural Alcovian village house.

I'm even wondering about SS39 Crossing Keepers Cottage as a small Alcovian mosque with a minimum amount of conversion?

Plus there's all sorts of other goodies, such as small bridges and culverts, outhouses, railway huts and shacks, some of which need litte or no conversion for their new setting in Alcovian villages and farms.


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Eli Arndt said...

More remarkable finds in the terrain department, my friend. With all my armor needs secured, I am turning toward terrain, infantry and lighter vehicles.