Saturday, April 9, 2011

Assault on Rebel Stronghold Continues

April 9, 2011

At the end of week three of the ongoing assault on the river port of Bulgrava, there seems to be no sign of any progress one way or another. Thoroughly ensconced in the maze of warehouses, manufacturing and processing facilities found along the waterside, rebel forces of APA have managed to repel any attempts to storm their position both from land and water.

It is thought that the rebels may be receiving aid from militia elements operating in small boats able to penetrate the scuttled hulks that have been positioned to block access to the harbor by larger ships and military craft. One source even offered the possibility that destabilizing factions from Iqenistan might even be ferrying arms and supplies across the Borka river but no conclusive evidence has been presented for such international interference and the monarchy has yet to make any official government statement on the possibility.

Artillery strikes against the port have destroyed many structures, but helicopter assaults or strikes have proven ineffective and dangerous due to a high number of concealed anti-aircraft assets in and around the port. Hand-held rockets and anti-aircraft gun emplacemrnts have been scene peppering the sky and any approaching aircraft.

In one tragic incident, a helicopter, privately chartered by a relief fund, strayed too close to the port and was shot down. Rebel sources insist that the helicopter was actually carrying commandos for a covert insertion into the port. Nothing has been officially confirmed to support the notion of national forces using civilian craft for military purposes.

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