Thursday, April 7, 2011

Military Fuel Crisis Averted

Military commanders in the North Eastern Military Region of Alcovia have overcome the fuel shortages faced by their mechanised formations through a field expedient conversion by Starshina-Corporal Rufuz T. светлячок.

Starshina-Corporal светлячок, a former miner from Haminskyz converted his tank platoon to coal fuel in a move which Alcovian Monarchist officials claim demonstrates the "flexible and forward thinking nature of our soldiery".  

"The coal fuellled tanks have more than proved their worth. With a top speed of 6Kph and a consumption of 3 tonnes to the mile, the 313th Tankinski brigade has been able to resume it's march on the break away region of Byzerk".


Eli Arndt said...

LOL! A late April fools?

Mark said...

I found the picture and just had to use it. Steampunk T80's!



Eli Arndt said...

This looks like some sort of Road Warrior sort of adaptation on old tech. A working tank, even without a working gun would be a terror in the backward aftermath of an apocalypse.