Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking at More Real Estate

Mark's been doing such a great job of finding bits and pieces that work well for creating the look of Alcovia. I'm really indebted to him and his experience in the hobby. He's been able to source things that I'd never have known about. Following up on some leads of his, I did find a couple more buildings that look like they might work for Alcovia's towns and larger villages.

The buildings I found are from Italeri and are readily available and not too pricey. I've never worked with the kits first hand but the looks of the buildings would update rather easily with just the addition of some more modern roof patches using some tar paper or corrugated tin or iron. The addition of some modern clutter around them would also move them up to present. Cinder block garden walls, a concrete wall patch on a corner, maybe the addition of electric outside lights would also add to the updating.

The "Stone House" model could even be sub-divided into two dwellings, capitalizing on the presence of the two chimneys by the addition of a second set of doors. This might require a bit of cutting and rebuilding, but it would allow the use of the same model to spice add some variety.

Now, I need to find some good shop models.


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Mark said...

Nice one Eli. That Stone House would make two very nice ruined buildings.