Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dynamo 2 - Athletik 2 - Polizi 300

There was a night of rioting in the Balad as the hometeam failed to beat the visiting Athletik in a tense high scoring game. The trouble started as goats were let onto the pitch by the Athletik fans in a deliberate move to bait the notoriously aggressive Dynamo crowd.

Commissioner of Police Methodius was heard on a police scanner advising his men "that's torn it; the Agris are going to go crazy. It's going to be a long night. Stand by all units; switch frequencies and activate jamming now...."

A flare erupts in Balad Zentro

The trouble was contained in the Balad and some 300 arrests were made; Polizi casualties were minimal and Minister of Interior Blaroj has already praised the Commissioner and "the brave men of the Polizi who ensured this violence did not spread and worry our tourist guests."
Commissioner Methodius monitoring events
from his command centre

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