Thursday, April 21, 2011

Local News From Trebizon

Commissioner Of Public Works Petr Brokoj was today unavailable for comment over claims that Eleuthera Bridge – which featured in the recent e-campaign “Welcome to Trebizon” – is a white elephant. Mr Theo Vassos, his Deputy Spokesman did, however, go on the record. “That bridge is, it is important, it is a symbol but also, an investment” said Mr Vassos, “We have a lot of ships flying our merchant flag and the bridge links Trebizon to Hav, which where the deep berths are. You come to me and say “Vassos, how can I berth my supercontainer ship?” and without that Bridge, I look like a fool. With that bridge - I can show you we are serious people in Trebizon”.

Mr Deputy Spokesman Vassos, with Hav Docks in the background

Meanwhile, the Royale Casino Charity Evening raised over Fifty Thousand zeks. His Excellency President Gjodjon Bronjovic and his wife led the first dance to popular applause. At the tables, business was brisk with Mr Kadashian Kadashian of Kadashian Kredit acting as an unpaid croupier “all my tips go to the bank – my bank” quipped the multi-millionaire businessman. Security was tight and Colonel Brajik of the National Guard claimed “you couldn’t get a very small goat in here without me knowing”. Dmitri Zog, ace striker of the Balad Dynamo XI then produced a very small goat and was fined on the spot by Colonel Brajik who promptly donated the “fine” to the President’s Charity. Mr George Vondos, the President’s First Secretary was escorted by Polizi motorcyclists as he took the evening’s proceeds to be banked at a champagne reception at the Banque National of Trebizon-Hav on Calle Radimeu.

The Royale Casino

Commissioner Methodius of the Hav Polizi reported that there were no disturbances in the Balad overnight “as long as those Byzerks don’t get drunk and beat up the place, all will be fine”, commented the Commissioner, “I just hope Dynamo win on Saturday and we can all stand down. If Athletik Hav win then I’m cancelling all leave. I do of course guarantee that any trouble will be contained in the Balad.”


The Angry Lurker said...

Excellent work.

Master Chef said...

Thank you for the kind words! It's not quite as edgy as Alcovia but it's fun.

Murph said...

2 things for you!

1: First off; I have named your site as one of th winners of "The Stylish Blogger Award"...Congratulations!

2: Secondly, The National African Republic of Bongolesia would like to open diplomatic relations with Alcovia...we await your response...

Excellent work!


Eli Arndt said...


Thank you for the recognition. As the guy who started one of the biggest, craziest, most well known imagi-nation blogs it's pretty cool to be recognized for Alcovia.


Master Chef said...


I agree with Eli - thank you! Eli & Mark, you've done the legwork so you accept the accolades, I'll stay at the table with the champagne and the hostesses.

I understand there is a complimentary account for Bongolesian Diplomats at the Royale Casino; just look out for the stairwells.