Monday, April 4, 2011

S&S Models Update

The T64s ordered from Shaun at S&S Models arrived today along with a UAZ Jeep and the Wrecked BMP. I'm in love with the T64s. 20mm Cold War Commander may well be on the cards later in the year, due solely to these excellent models.

The UAZ is functional - it's a jeep, aimed at set dressing mostly in my Alcovia games - nothing to get excited about - and then the Wrecked BMP, which comradeski, is simply stunning. I'm so impressed by the BMP model itself that I have no hesitation to pick up a platoon of BMP from Shaun sometime during the summer.

On the back of the Wrecked BMP, I'm going to order Shaun's new Pickup Defensive Position (£4.50). Another perfect terrain piece for Crisis in Alcovia. It's a checkpoint, a roadblock, an ambush position....brilliant!

I'm going to suggest to Shaun that he does something similar with a London Hackney Cab for Winter of '79, 2011 Urban Meltdown, Zombie Apocalypse etc.

All in all, a good bag of goodies.


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Chris said...

I'm glad to see that you are moving along on your project!