Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dateline: Slavikova

The crisis in Alcovia worsens today with news of the break away region of Slavikova in North East Alcovia announcing it's independence from the former Sovietbloc ally.

An official spokeman was quick to quash any suggestion that Slavikova has ceded from Alcovia. It was claimed that criminal elements and  gangsters backed by the CIA and KGB are attempting to undermine the confidence of the people of Slavikova in order to profit from the current political situation in Alcovia.

Reuters reports that armed militamen have taken the strategic village of Ivic and gun battles have broken out of the streets of Byzerk, the capital of the region. President Putin has vowed to protect the borders of neighbouring states ajoining Slavikova with whatever force is deemed necessary.

It is known that a small detachment of US military personnel of the 303rd Logistical Studies Group are in the region providing an advisory role to local units of the Alcovian army. The US Army has refused to comment on their current status. The safety and whereabouts of the Group remain unknown.


lekw said...

Another nice update, continuing to follow!!!

commissarmoody said...

And the plot thickens