Saturday, April 2, 2011

PaperTerrain: South Russian Village

Resting up today following yesterday's excitement (sic). I was scanning for more Eastern European building ideas for gaming Alcovia. Now,  I thoroughly recommend Scott Washburn's PaperTerrain. I bought the North Russian Village Pack in 15mm four/five years ago and remain really impressed.

Each building in the pack also has an inner 'destroyed' shell that allows you to 'reduce' them to ruins during the course of play. You can of course use the ruined and undamaged buildings separately, doubling the number of buildings on the table at no extra cost.

For Alcovia, I would personally prefer the South Russia Hamlet or Village pack (above). The architecture feels more Ukraine, Southern Russia, northern Balkans and just feels as though it has the right 'look' for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare version of Alcovia.

The South Russia Village Pack is available in 20mm and includes the church, ten buildings, four barns and two types of fences. The Hamlet Pack has 4 buildings and 2 barns but can be increased to a nice sized village using the destroyed buildings.

My few Platoon 20 Modern Russians don't look too bad against the 15mm North Russian buildings at table distances but they are dwarfed by Under Fire Miniatures larger 1/72nd scale '20mm'.

Worth having a closer look.


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